Why Attitude Often Drives Performance

Many factors drive and support the effective performance of an Employee Team Member: overall competence for the work required; prior background and experience; belief in the project or job required; personal upbringing; drive, determination and motivation; personal pride etc. While these and many other factors definitely factor into the equation, one is universal in its […]

Employee Engagement – The Key to Managerial Success

There are many factors that figure into the success of a great management team, but one that is unavoidable is developing and securing the existence of Employee Engagement. Whether it is from the internal side or the customer and client side, the more the employee team is fully engaged in the process, the more effective […]

The Value of Leadership Management Training

People are often promoted into their first role as a supervisor or manager because they have developed certain skill sets and shown that they can effectively carry out their role and do their job in a proficient manner. As their reward, they are given more responsibility and asked to manage a group of people and […]

The Benefits of Customer Service Training

Ask just about anyone, and most will tell you that Customer Service isn’t what it used to be. Some will say it’s a lost art. While others will tell you it’s completely dead all together. Few however will tell you that most companies or organizations couldn’t use some help in this area. The question is, […]

The Benefits of Sales Training in a Difficult Economy

Your sales force is the life-line of the revenue generating side of your business. Their effectiveness is critical to sales, and those sales are critical to the overall well being of the organization. With that in mind, having a sales force that is properly trained is vital in any economy, let alone a difficult one. […]

Customer Service – Not a Completely Lost Art Just Yet

No matter where you live or what you do, once you step out in the marketplace to purchase any product or service, most of us will find there has been a serious decline in the understanding, delivery, or even the concept of Customer Service. Many would lead you to believe that Customer Service has not […]

How Can a Professional Speaker or Trainer Help My Team?

Your Company or Organization has been in business for years. While there is always room for improvement, things are actually pretty good, considering the recent economic environment. Why in the world then would you need to bring someone in from the outside to speak to your Team? Why would you need someone else to deliver […]

The Benefits of an Interactive Keynote Speaker

We’ve all been in the audience as the Keynote Speaker is about to be introduced. Having experienced this before, we know what to expect, so we relax, sit back and wonder how their presentation will unfold. Will they be entertaining? Will they be insightful? Will they be relevant to our Business or Association? Will I […]

Finding the Right Break – Out Speaker For Your Next Event

As a Meeting Planner, much time, thought and attention is given to you and your Team as you go through the selection process in search of your Keynote Speaker for your upcoming Conference. Certainly a Professional Speaker is needed, and much is expected as well. Once that selection is made, a deep sigh of relief […]

Finding the Right Keynote Speaker For Your Next Event

Your next event is coming up soon. You have the location, the hotel, the agenda, every last detail has been planned… even the flight schedules have fallen in place. What you need now is the right Speaker for the event. The question is, how do you find the right one? Whether your next event is […]