Speaking Services


Professional Speaker Programs such as Leadership, Management, Client Service, Sales, Sports Teams and Stadium Seminars are designed to bring clarity and focus to your team and allow them to identify the 3 most critical elements of their job. With this proven process, your team members will walk away with a renewed energy and enthusiasm for their position and the role they play inside your business or organization, regardless of their length of service.

What is the secret to this process? Buy-In. Buy-In is the most critical element of producing change, and results, in the workplace. With it, you can produce results that were previously unattained. Without it, you will continually recycle program after program, with little, or, no results.

The premise is simple, yet most often overlooked. It is based on the concept and reality that “People will do more for their own idea than they will for yours or mine…even if you and I have a better idea.” Simple? Yes. Overlooked? Absolutely.

The Mind-Set Matters Professional Speaker Programs demystify the key to having human nature work for you, rather than constantly against you. Once this process is understood, a re-energized and enthusiastic team can focus on what you want and need…improved productivity and improved results.

Whether programs are desired for leading and managing people, improving service levels, or increasing sales, the Mind-Set Matters Programs will be a refreshing change for you, your team, and their collective staffs.

Whether delivered at your regional or national conference, your Association Meeting, or if you choose an in-house program…The Mind-Set Matters Professional Speaker Programs will be a refreshing, and productive, departure for you and your team.

See why those who have participated in these programs, be it a keynote, a breakout, or a full day session, continually say “I’ve heard this stuff a hundred times before…but now I get it. Thank you for helping me gain a different perspective on what my role really is and a process to carry that out…”

Experience The Mind-Set Matters Professional Speaker Programs.

You and your team will be glad you did.

Re-Think. Re-Frame. Re-Focus.