Why Attitude Often Drives Performance

Many factors drive and support the effective performance of an Employee Team Member: overall competence for the work required; prior background and experience; belief in the project or job required; personal upbringing; drive, determination and motivation; personal pride etc. While these and many other factors definitely factor into the equation, one is universal in its affect on performance everywhere, in every industry…Attitude.

Personal Attitude is one of the major driving forces that ultimately drives the personal performance of everyone both as an individual and as a member of a team. Because Attitude is often lumped in with Motivation, it is often seen as a “soft skill” and overlooked by many. Overlooked maybe, but not often overcome.

Attitude, both positive and negative, is a choice. Some just consistently choose one that is negative and detrimental to the Team’s Performance and its Structure. This is often difficult to overcome for many factors. As we grew up hearing most of our lives, “One bad apple spoils the whole bunch” became a popular phrase for a very simple reason. It’s true. So true, that now when the phrase is heard, we often dismiss it or overlook it. We shouldn’t, though we will.

The negative impact of a negative attitude of the performance of the group is hard to ignore. It quickly brings down morale and motivation of the non offending Team Members, while drastically slowing down or completely diminishing performance. To overcome this takes a tightly cohesive group, but more influence comes directly from the Supervisor, Manager or Leader that oversees the Group on a daily basis. It is their responsibility to manage the developments of this process and lead and steer the Team Members to clear waters and out of the turbulence of the negativity present.

Conversely, the positive influence and creativity that emanates from the energy, enthusiasm and excitement of a positive person brings to the Team is hard to ignore as well. The impact is felt throughout the group, as long as it’s genuine and not over the top. A sincere and true positive attitude influences and inspires other team Members. It too is equally as contagious and should not be shied away from.

For too many years people have thought of a Positive Attitude as something obtained through others or from the traditional Motivational Speaker. It also comes from two much more tangible sources: from the individual themselves; or other Team Members. Generate and cultivate as many Positive Team Members you can. It’s good for you and your business.

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