Keynote Presentations by Motivational Speaker Michael Corcoran

Your keynote presentation sets the tone for your entire event. It creates the energy and direction for your upcoming Association’s Conference or Company’s National Meeting.

With that in mind, whoever said that a keynote presentation had to be a One Way Dialogue? That your assembled Team and Audience should simply sit back, observe, listen and be spoken to rather than spoken with.

Now envision a keynote presentation that is not only motivating, inspiring and thought provoking, but one that is also engaging and inspires your team to share in the collective knowledge and experience of everyone in the room. One where everyone is encouraged to create their own solutions to the issues they face by gaining a different perspective on their job and the role they play inside your organization.

To Act Different – We Must Think Different.

Have your keynote presentation set the tone for Organizational change and improvement from within while you and your management team get the results you desire from your next event.

Latest Keynote Presentation Topics

Mind-Set Matters – Creating a Foundation of Success

Our Mind-Set drives everything we do. It determines the path and direction of not only an organization, but the people who live and work inside it as well. Yet, this critical concept is often not only overlooked, it is too often completely ignored. Our organizational and individual Mind-Set is the cornerstone of who we are and what we do.

Program Outcomes

  • The Linkage Between Organizational & Personal Performance
  • The Critical Element to Organizational Improvement
  • The 3 Dimensions of Organizational Change


The 1-8-1 Factor – The Discernible Organizational Edge

To be the Leader in Your Field, you must have a Discernible Organizational Edge to outperform your competitors in the marketplace. What is that Edge? What is the key to attain it? Once attained, how is it sustained? To be a Leader in Your Field, Your Discernible Edge must be found and understood within everyone inside your Organization.

Program Outcomes

  • Define & Understand The 1-8-1 Factor
  • Create & Develop The 1-8-1 Mind-Set
  • Define the One on the Left


The Leadership Mind-Set – What Leaders Do That Managers Don’t

While there are many segments to Leadership & Management, there is One Core Principle that all Leaders take into account within all levels of an organization. This keynote presentation principle is not only a major factor for all in a Leadership Role, but critical for all that someday hope to enter a Role of Leadership as well.

Program Outcomes

  • Identify & Understand Leadership vs. Management Principles
  • Develop & Understand Teaching & Coaching Principles
  • Obtain Buy-In for Sustained Change & Results


The Service First Mind-Set – Creating a Service First Culture

Customer Service is not only a lost art, it is often simply non-existent. It is a Mind-Set that must be understood and carried out by every member of an organization to be able to retain and grow business over a sustained period of time. This keynote presentation shows how true service must be delivered at every moment, at every level, by everyone in your organization to ensure profitable business growth and success.

Program Outcomes

  • Develop & Understand a Service First Mind-Set
  • Develop & Understand a Service First Culture
  • Identify the Service Principle for Success


Selling Solutions for Sales Success – Better Questions – Better Answers – Better Results

Traditional sales techniques and programs will not secure, maintain or develop business in today’s marketplace. To compete and secure business today your sales team must be problem solvers, customer advocates, educators, consultants, change agents and more. ¬†This keynote presentation shows how the sales focus must be on solutions and customer development, not just your product or service.

Program Outcomes

  • Develop & Improve Questioning Skills
  • Develop & Improve Listening Skills
  • Selling Solutions for Success


All keynote sessions will be customized to your needs as well as use the Core Principles outlined here in these outlines. Please use these as a starting point for Creating Your Own Customized Program for Your Upcoming Meeting, Conference or Event.

Re-Think. Re-Frame. Re-Focus.