Sales Training

Sales Training by Trainer & Motivational Speaker Michael Corcoran


The Mind-Set Matters Programs are designed to focus and energize an organization to build improvement from within by leading Team Members through discussions and exercises focused on the Three Dimensions of Change. This interactive sales training process uncovers the necessary tools to link all functions of the Organization, Change Behavior, and Increase Performance and Results.

Sales Training

Selling Solutions for Success

Not only will traditional sales techniques and programs not secure business today, it will often flat out use it. To compete and secure business today your sales team must be problem solvers, educators, negotiators, consultants, customer advocates, change agents and more. The sales focus must be on solutions and customer development, not only product or service.

Program Outcomes

  • Develop & Improve Questioning Skills
  • Develop & Improve Listening Skills
  • Selling Solutions vs. Products



All Management, Leadership, Customer Service & Sales Training Programs will be customized for your needs. Please use these as a starting point for Creating Your Own Personalized Program for Your Upcoming Training Seminar, Workshop, Conference or Event.

Re-Think. Re-Frame. Re-Focus.