Meet Mike




If an outside speaker, trainer or consultant doesn’t make a connection with your people, they will have no influence, and therefore, no effect on your assembled group.  Michael Corcoran has been described by Leading Authorities Speakers Bureau as someone who “Gets people to embrace the subject matter and not feel as if they are being lectured to or talked down to.” Whether working with Teams as a Keynote Speaker, or leading a Seminar or Workshop in Leadership Training, Management Training, Sales Training or Customer Service Training, groups feel as if Mike Corcoran is one of them…  That he has been there before.  They like him. They listen to him. They trust him and believe in him.   He gets people to see things that they may know to be true, but don’t put into practice.  He then gives them tools to deliver change and get results.  Then, he gets them to see more than they previously thought possible.  He gets them to think, see things in a different perspective, and create their own ideas for change.  Finally, he gets them to act.  In short, Michael Corcoran will make a Real Connection with your group, team or audience.  Not only will you be happy that you made him a part of your meeting, most importantly, so will all of your attendees.


Michael has spent the last 15 years as a speaker, trainer and business owner, working closely with over 50 companies and associations internationally, including: CMAA, IAAM, ISMC, NGCOA, Anheuser Busch, Archway Cookies, BIGHORN GOLF CLUB, Castle Pines Country Club, Cherry Hills Country Club, Cog Hill Golf & Country Club, Chicago Bears and Soldier Field, Chicago Cubs and Wrigley Field, Colorado Rockies & Coors Field, Gilead Sciences, Great West Life, Houston Texans and Reliant Stadium, John Deere, Marmon Keystone, Northwestern Mutual, Rockwell Collins, San Diego Padres and PETCO Park, Standard & Poor’s, and U.S. Foodservice.  With 15 years prior corporate experience leading sales, service and management teams in both the manufacturing and service industries, Michael knows what it takes for managers and their teams to get things done, and done right, on a daily basis for organizations large and small.  Communication is often talked about, but rarely understood.  Michael has your people leaving the room and saying, “You know, I’ve heard this stuff a hundred times before, but now I finally get it.” Those reactions can be yours with Michael as your Keynote Speaker, or have him lead your Leadership Seminar, Management Training Workshop, Customer Service Training or Sales Training Seminar at your next event.


As a speaker, Michael has consistently received the highest speaker ratings at any event at which he has appeared.  As a trainer, he has overwhelmingly been identified as one who helps people understand principles they had not clearly understood before.  More importantly, participants can immediately take what they have learned back to their jobs to change the way they and their team members do business.  As a consultant, Michael has stood the test of time with the most clearly defined measuring stick available – repeat business with repeat clients.  Not because they didn’t get things done, but because they did.  Finally, as a member of Corporate America, in various leadership roles, he lead teams to previously unattained numbers (1 program alone increased revenues from $1 million to $22 million in less than 4 years) with new and innovative programs that changed the way they did business.

Re-Think. Re-Frame. Re-Focus.