Why The Programs Work

Over the last 18 years, Meeting Planners, Hiring Managers and Program Participants alike, have all found that Michael’s unique, engaging and personable delivery style quickly puts people at ease and fully engages them in the process. Groups from large auditoriums to small conference rooms feel that Mike is speaking with them, rather than at them, and they quickly learn that he respects the experience and intelligence of the people in the room.

This creates an atmosphere where Mike’s Message for your event is clear, concise and focused, and, Your People Can Actually Do Something With It.


Because They Feel That They …

Relate To It … Understand It … Embrace It … and … Act On It

To Act Different, We Must Think Different. The Mind-Set Matters Programs, presented by Mike Corcoran, properly align your assembled group to be in a position to do both at your next Conference, National Meeting or In-House Program.


Because Mike Makes Things Simple, Makes People Think, and Then Allows Them To Create Their Own Thoughts and Ideas to Create Their Own Solutions to the Issues at Hand.

Michael Corcoran and the Mind-Set Matters Programs are:

Refreshing – Inspiring – Thought Provoking – Stimulating


They Get You the Results You Need From Your Next Event.

Re-Think. Re-Frame. Re-Focus.