The Benefits of Customer Service Training

Ask just about anyone, and most will tell you that Customer Service isn’t what it used to be. Some will say it’s a lost art. While others will tell you it’s completely dead all together. Few however will tell you that most companies or organizations couldn’t use some help in this area.

The question is, would most people say that about your company or organization?

Only you can answer that, but if we are being completely honest, most of us would have to answer yes. The benefits for spending the time and making the investment in Customer Service Training far outweigh the cost. Unless your product or service is the only one of its kind in the world and the demand is so huge that you couldn’t handle any more business even if you wanted to, then service is important. It’s important to you, but more importantly, it’s important to your Customers. Being important to your Customer now make it extremely important to you.

In today’s marketplace, there are few things more common than choice, and your Customers have many. Choosing to continue to do business with you, or to leave and go to a competitor, often is determined by the way they are treated or how they perceive they are treated. If they don’t feel important, valued or respected, they will simply take their business with them and go somewhere else.
If we view Sales as what drives the revenue side of our business, then we should view Service as what protects and keeps that revenue on the books. If we don’t take care of our Customers, someone else will, and they will be happy to do so. The problem is that Customers often don’t tell us that they are leaving. They simply leave and we find out after the fact. If the time and attention were spent on keeping Customers that is spent on getting them back, then we would have never lost them in the first place.

Customer Service Training, just like Sales Training, should be viewed as an investment in the business versus and expense line item on the balance sheet. Customers treated well tend to stay, spend more, tell their friends and colleagues to do business with you and help drive your bottom line. Customers treated poorly often make like difficult while they are with us, cost us time and money before they leave, and then they end up leaving anyway.

Protect your business and your revenues and invest in Service.

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