How Can a Professional Speaker or Trainer Help My Team?

Your Company or Organization has been in business for years. While there is always room for improvement, things are actually pretty good, considering the recent economic environment.

Why in the world then would you need to bring someone in from the outside to speak to your Team?

Why would you need someone else to deliver training when you have always done it internally?

Simply put, a different set of eyes, different set of ears and a different voice often will bring a different set of results.

Most people, companies and organizations have found it beneficial to bring someone in from the outside to deliver training of many types: Leadership/Management; Customer Service; Sales etc. Similar organizations often bring in an outside Professional Speaker to speak at their Conference or Management Meetings.


Most have found that by using an outside Speaker, Trainer or Consultant that their people open up to them in a way that they wouldn’t with someone from inside the organization. This often happens with the boss, manager or direct supervisor sitting right there in the room. By simply framing questions in a different way, or presenting ideas and materials that have been spoken of before but are now presented in a different way by someone from outside the company, those questions and insights bring different answers and results.

Another factor is that outside Speaker, Trainer or Consultant, assuming they are good at what they do, have honed their skill sets in a way that those inside a company simply could not have the time or energy to do. They have their job to do inside their organization, and often Training or Speaking is not part of who they are or what they do. And quite frankly, it shouldn’t be.

A Professional Speaker or Trainer should actively engage your people to see things in a different way, and therefore, think about things in a different way. The much maligned, and appropriately so, term to think outside the box actually is relevant here. While it has been used and abused over the years to the point that people will roll their eyes today upon hearing it, it can have substantial value when actually carried out.

So just as professional athletes have coaches and use them to enhance their performance, Companies and their Employee Teams often benefit from an outside perspective to get them back on track or to take them to the next level of their performance standards as well.

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